7 mar. 2009

Blanco y Negro

Andreas Hablutzel

USA / 1965

Andreas Hablutzel’s intriguing art work is an austere yet complex visual exploration of the common ground shared by both his chosen professions. In this uncharted territory, the solidness of walls built is but an scenario for the vulnerable spaces that lie in between - spaces marked by the passage of time and the meanderings of humans-, where he uses the ever-so-fleeting light of photography to register the textures, colors and subtle tones of those surfaces which form the contemporary urban labyrinths we call cities. Hablutzel describes his work as “drawn to quiet scenes -devoid of people- places which are about longing, temporality, and memory”. In the solitary travel of brick and asphalt that his photographs register, the longing is latent; be it for a continuing maze or for a promissory encounter, his work opens up our sense of awareness and expectations of that to come.

Andreas Hablutzel is an artist -photographer and architect- living in Brooklyn, NY. He has degrees in Architecture from Rice University in Houston and the Southern California Institute of Architecture, and an MA in Photographic studies from the University of Westminster in London. He has exhibited in the US, Switzerland, the UK and Estonia.