14 sep. 2008

Pienso luego existo - Andy Bell

Fotos en esta sección cortesía de:
Deceptive Media
Andy Bell
UK, 1966

UK photographer Andy Bell started taking photographs just as digital cameras came onto the scene. His photoblog Deceptive Media - which features his breathtaking photographs of light reflected and refracted on bubbles, glass, or cloud formations - has been running for over 4 years now and has won awards 3 years running at the photobloggies.

This issue features Bell´s Bubble series, astounding images of a world so small, yet appropriate to dwell on that which is beautiful yet transitory. Commenting on the making of this series he reveals some of the technical complexity involved: “Bubble macro’s have always been a firm favourite and are an ongoing project, they are not the easiest things to photograph as they move around a lot so high shutter speeds are required, this can be tricky if you want a large DOF. Adding sugar to the bubble solution can improve it’s stability. All shots were taken at home in a studio environment using a Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro lens often coupled with extension tubes for even more magnification. Recently a geared head and a macro rail have been added to the setup and this makes composition so much easier at high magnification. Lighting is usually supplied via the modelling lamps on Interfit Stella flash heads.”

Andy lives with his partner Liz and 2 sons Stefan and Adam in Basingstoke, UK.