22 ene. 2011

LO QUE EL VIENTO SE LLEVO: Caput Mortuum Suite

Caput Mortuum Suite

Leinchin Micke / DEN

The work of salvadoran artist Mayra Barraza -¨a coded protest against human disgrace¨- in exhibition at Pfeister Gallery in Denmark.

The works of Barraza count in video, photography, painting, ceramics, drawing, text and events and are destined to a determined and moral voice in favour of intimacy, relations and belief to transcend evil, suppression and injustice. “Capita Mortua* Suite” is the rare contradiction in terms of a coded protest against human disgrace and poverty in the gang land controlled Salvadoran suburbs; how commercial exploitation and a corrupted genealogy restrain a vast majority of people in a deprived status quo and claim everyday casualties and numerous of deaths: It is where the Baroque turns claire-obscure; where centuries of crafted artistic tradition meets current concepts of free expression and the finest of the classics and the modern merge into a contemporary and Barraza. Rembrandt, Kiefer, Goya, Kosuth refer to Barraza.

* Plural